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Australian Reptile Park

brief history ...

The Reptile Park has been founded in 1958 by Eric Worrell who used to run a center for collecting venom from poisonous spiders and snakes in order to create the anti-venom (antidote) for poisonous snakes and spiders bites.
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The Reptile Park flourishes under the direction of Peter Krauss who builds the first display to house nocturnal animals from Australia and overseas, the park attracting record crowds each year.

From 1970 the Reptile Park starts collecting funnel-web spider venom and ten years later funnel-web spider anti-venom becomes available to the Australian people.

In the 1980's, the number of visitors is in a continue decline and the new owners, John and Robyn Weigel, took measures to revive the Reptile Park: a large crocodile is brought from Northern Territory, school programs are developed, and finally to move the park to a new location at Somersby, near Gosford.

The new Reptile Park is opened at 7 September 1996 and wins numerous tourist awards. Unfortunately, in 2000, due to an electrical fault, the main building of the Reptile Park, burns down and together with it a large collection of living creatures is lost.

The rebuilding process starts immediately, targeting reopening before the Sydney Olympics. Since then, new exhibits were added, such as the Lost World of Reptiles and the Spider World.

about ...

What is to see:
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  • unique Australian animals: platypus, koalas, wombats, Tasmanian devils, echidnas, dingoes and kangaroos.
  • large reptiles: American alligators, giant tortoises, pythons etc
  • take a souvenir picture with koalas or with a large python
  • the mystical Lost World of Reptiles
  • the Spider World
  • the Hard Croc Cafe (serving hot and cold food)
  • the Australiana gift shop
  • full BBQ on-site facilities

tourist information ...

How to get there
By private car, use Sydney - Newcastle freeway, take the Gosford exit and follow the signs. See map.
By train, from Central Station to Gosford and from there with a taxi. Get a receipt from the taxi and you receive a discount on the admission fee. See the Australian Reptile Park web site.

Contact details:
Australian Reptile Park
PO Box 737
Gosford NSW 2250
Ph: +61 2 4340 1022
Web site: Australian Reptile Park

Hours of Operation:
Opened 9AM - 5PM, 7 Days a week.

Closed on day.
19 Octomber
1912 - Indefatigable, the first direct convict transport from Britain to Tasmania arrives in Hobart.

1979 - The Australian Federal Police is established.

2001 - SIEV-X, an Indonesian fishing boat en-route to Christmas Island, carrying over 400 asylum seekers, sank in international waters with the loss of 353 people.
Australian slang
  • Australiana collectable Australian items
  • stubby holder beer bottle insulated holder
  • Cab Sav Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Ashes cricket trophy
  • thingo something unspecified, forgotten or not known
  • bluey australian cattle dog (aka Blue Heeler)
  • dead dingo's donger, as dry as a dry
  • zack a 5c coin
  • young'un child
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