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Sydney Heads - The Heads

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Sydney Heads, also known as The Heads, represents the entrance to Sydney Harbour. Off course there is a North and a South Head which will be described below.
The Heads - Sydney Harbour Entrance
©2006 Gabriel Ditu

The North Head ...

The North Head - Sydney Harbour Entrance
©2006 Gabriel Ditu
North Head is located south-east of Manly and is part of Sydney Harbour National Park.

In 1828 on the North Head was established a quarantine station on the western side of the head and was used to quarantine the new arrivals to Sydney. This facility continued to operate until 1972, but was finally closed in 1984.

From 1934 to 1945 The North Head was part of Sydney defense and in 1953 a School of Artillery was opened. The school was closed in 1998 and is now an Artillery Museum.

The South Head ...

The South Head - Sydney Harbour Entrance
©2006 Gabriel Ditu
Same as its counterpart, South Head is part of Sydney Harbour National Park and is located north of Watson Bay.

A 20min walk on the Heritage Trail offers dramatic views of Middle Head, Manly, North Head and the Pacific Ocean. Starting at the Camp Cove Beach, the path passing first to Lady Bay Beach (aka Lady Jane Beach), where nude bathing is lawful. It then loops around the headland, passing Hornby Lighthouse.

HMAS Watson, the Royal Australian Navy training base, is also located here.

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How to get there
North Head: ferry to Manly from Circular Quay or by bus from Wynyard Station. See map.
South Head: ferry to Watson Bay from Circular Quay or by bus from Wynyard Station. See map.

Contact details:
Web site: The National Parks and Wildlife Service
Look for: Sydney Harbour National Park.

Hours of Operation:
Access by foot is not restricted. The South Head road is closed after 10PM.
31 August
1916 - Rescue of the 22 men Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition who remained on Elephant Island.

1918 - The Battle of Mont St. Quentin, a famous Australian action under the leadership of Lieutenant General Sir John Monash, begins.

1945 - The Liberal Party of Australia is founded by Robert Menzies.

1985 - Death of Frank Macfarlane Burnet, Australian biologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
Australian slang
  • flake shark meat
  • Buckley's chance no chance
  • mickey mouse excellent, very good
  • fair go a chance
  • bushman's hanky blowing nose using your fingers
  • heave to vomit
  • prawn shrimp
  • dipstick fool, loser, idiot
  • dingo Australian wild dog
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