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Bradley's Head


HMAS Sydney
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Bradley's Head was named after William Bradley, an officer on the Sirius, guard ship of the First Fleet.

The foremast of the cruiser HMAS Sydney, renowned for taking part in the Royal Australian Navy's first ship engagement in World War I German light cruiser SMS Emden, is mounted on the headland as a memorial to that battle.

Bradley's Head is also home for one of the small inner harbour lighthouses. See Bradley's Head Lighthouse.

Trivia: The headland was used for shooting some scenes for Mission: Impossible II. The large house close to water seen in the movie was built on location and then removed after the shooting was completed.

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How to get there
Bradley's Head is close to Taronga Zoo. Go by train to Wynyard Station and from there by bus. Alternatively catch a train to Circular Quay Station and from there by ferry. Both the buses and the ferries are clearly labeled Taronga Zoo. For location see the following map.

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21 December
1817 - Lachlan Macquarie recommends the adoption of the name Australia for the continent instead of New Holland.

1889 - The poem "Clancy of the Overflow", by Banjo Paterson, is first published in The Bulletin magazine.

1938 - A direct radio-telephone link is established between Canberra and Washington D.C.
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